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We hereby declare that the information contained on this website has been disclosed pursuant to Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies…

This information was correct at 23/06/2023 (Company’s Interim Results 2023) and will be updated when the Company’s Full Year Results 2023 are released in December 2023.

Dewhurst Group Annual Report and Accounts are published every year and contain a financial summary along with information about our business operations, products and services.

All enquiries concerning your shareholding should be directed to the Company’s Registrar, Link Group.

Please click below to view or download archive copies of our published report and accounts and other AIM Rule 26 information.

To help shareholders access their data day and night, please can we encourage you to make use of our Registrar’s online Share Portal. To access your shareholding via this Share Portal click here

The Share Portal contains a help centre full of useful information and answers to frequently asked questions, which can be accessed without needing to login first.

To access and view specific information on your shareholding you will need to login first. If you have forgotten your username or password then click on the forgotten username or password links.

New users will first need to register; you only need 3 pieces of information – your surname, postcode and investor code. Your investor code is a unique number that you will have received on previous communications from Link, such as share certificates or dividend tax confirmations.

Once you are logged in you will be able to self-service with ease.

If you do need to call the helpline our agents will be available for you to speak to; it may just take a little longer to get through than normal.

To obtain the latest share price information there are numerous on-line providers but below we have identified three such sites for your assistance.

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